I grew up on bikes

When I was little, my father would go out for morning rides on his Schwinn varsity with a kids seat strapped to the back. Then one fateful day we came across a set of BMX jumps in Huntington Beach California and I was hooked. My parents bought me my first BMX bike a purple Powerlite and not too long after I started competing. It wasn't until I moved to New Hampshire in 2005 that picked up a mountain bike for the first time. 

By 2015, I had competed in UCI World Cups, podiumed at numerous US nationals, and was a 3 times Collegiate Nat. Champion. Additionally 2015 was also the year Skills with Phil. Observing that there was a distinct lack of quality mountain bike channels on YouTube I took action.

I have never been more excited for that future than I am now. Thanks to the power of the internet, we are at the forefront of something very special. Never before have we seen a platform like YouTube which enables us to connect with thousand of passionate riders across the world.

My ultimate goal is to open on my own mountain bike wonderland. This will not be easy, but nothing in life worth anything is easy.
Join me as  on my journey to help empower people with the tools necessary explore the world through bikes.