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2017 Evil Calling

An aggressive short travel trail bike with a downhill bike geometry.


2017 Evil Calling

An aggressive short travel trail bike with a downhill bike geometry.


My Bike

The Evil Calling is the most fun trail bike I've ever ridden. This little angry dolphin can handle everything I throw at it. The 131mm of rear a travel and 27.5 wheels complimented with an aggressive modern geometry makes this bike extremely confidence inspiring on the downhills but still climbs like a beast.



Cane Creek Helm

Travel can be adjusted from 100-170mm in minutes; has great mid stroke support while being super plush off the top!

Rotor Hawk

Future proof!! The 3 piece design makes it super easy to keep up with the ever changing bike standards.  

Wide, but not too wide! These 787mm aluminum bars are a good balance between wide but not too wide.


TRP Slates


Controlled stopping power! The 4 pistons caliper design offers plenty of stopping power but without sacrificing modulation. Additionally they use mineral oil so the bleeding process is easy is simple and not a total pain in the butt.


Nobl Wheels

I still haven't needed to true these, even after 8 months of abuse! The instant hub engagement on the is game changer,  I cannot recommend the TR38s enough. Mention Skills with Phil at checkout for extra goodies!!

Thin and with plenty of grip. My Favorite pedals to date. I sometimes run the TMACs, but I prefer these.

50mm length stems is the happy medium I've found. The clamp diameter is 31.7mm.

I'm not particular about seats, maybe because I'm always standing up. This one just looks really good.

Not a huge fan of the name, however they are super comfortable and the durability of is top notch. 

Because flat suck. There's a learning curve to installing these but he benifits are 100% worth it.

These are my favorite f--ing tires ever. They are a bit pricey but I run these in almost 99% of cases.

I actually prefer the Sram shifter feel over Shimano, but I don't want to deal with XD drivers.

However I do prefer Shimano derailleurs, they just see to be easier to manage and set up correctly.

Cane Creek Dropt is a universal dropper post lever. It works with EVERY cable dropper post and is awesome!


Camera Gear

Camera gear I use on a day to day basis!

Camera Gear

Camera gear I use on a day to day basis!

Zhiyun Rider M

This is the current Gimbal I use to get great footage. I've tried a few gimbals and this one is far from perfect but it's the best solution for the time being. It's reasonably priced, fairly reliable, quiet, and gets really good footage.

GoPro Hero 4 Black


Captures great footage and way better audio than the Hero 5 Black.

Chest Mount


The Chest mount provides the best angle for POV riding shots.


Gimbal Juice

Spare batteries for the ZhiYun Rider M gimbal.


Mic Wind Cover

Slap these over the camera's microphone to get rid of annoying wind noise.

GoPro Juice

Anker products awesome, and these spare GoPro Batteries are affordable and reliable.

Riding Gear

Riding Gear

The Helmet that protects my noggin. I like how it fits, and its look but it lacks a good GoPro mounting platform which is a bit annoying.

This is the helmet I wear for riding downhill. It's well ventilated and very comfortable. It's fairly light weight, but I wouldn't want to ride uphill with it.

I can't say enough good things about Five Ten shoes. If you ride Flat Pedals, there's no competition. I've tried a bunch of the alternatives and they all fall short! The Impacts are the cream of the crop. 

Light weight with a smooth tread pattern to allow easier repositioning of feet.

My favorite light weight five tens. great build, and super comfortabale.

My favorite heavy weight shoes. Super grippy, and very durable. 

Not my favorites. Nice ankle support but the sole have a weird curve.

I really haven't tried too many other kneepads. I've found the iXS carves to be very comfortable and stay in place nicely.

These are the gloves you've seen in most of my videos. I love the feel and simplicity of these but the stitching is hit or miss.

I love the durability of these and the retro 80-90s look. DeFeet socks will go out of style before they wear down.