Frequently asked questions!

I love what you do, how I can I help support your content?
On top of subscribing and commenting there are many different ways you can help.

Do you offer private or group skill clinics?
Not at this moment, I'm better at explaining  concepts in video form.

Where do you live?
I'm on the road quite a bit, but (2017) home-bases are New Hampshire, North Carolina, Vermont, and my car.

I'm buying my first bike, do you think of [insert make & model] bike is a good deal?
There are many bikes I have very little experience with. When buying a mountain bike I'd recommend spending around ~700-1000.Here are a few bikes I can recommend as a starting point for riders looking to get serious about riding.

Under $500

Under $700

Under $1000

Who are your sponsors?
Since starting YouTube, I've started to steer away from sponsorship in the traditional sense. I do not get paid to endorse companies however, I do have relationships with several companies (listed below). Some of these are former racing sponsors, some are relationships I've developed over the years. These companies understand that I need to be able to speak openly with my fans to help best suit the needs of my viewers.

NOBL Wheels, Deity Components, Cane Creek Components, TRP Brakes, and Rotor Components.


Business Inquiries

Bike companies, media, and other content creators
contact me using the email below.