I often talk about about the importance of learning new skills with flat pedal shoes to prevent learning bad habits.  This will be a buyer's guide of sorts if you’re thinking about purchasing flat pedal mountain bike shoes. Since you only have 2 main points of contact with the bike (hands a feet), good flat pedal shoes shoes can make a big difference in your ride quality.

Things to look for

  • A flat sole: Which creates a big useable surface area, and allows to make full contact with the pedal. 
  • Grippiness:  Grip comes from either the tread pattern that hooks onto the pedal, or a high friction rubber compound
  • Stiff sole: Provides good foot support and also absorb impacts.

There are a few other optional features such as lace covers, material type, and color, but we won’t be focusing . Which shoes is best for you comes down to personal preference and budget. Below this video, I have listed a bunch of different models. If budget is not an issue, I would skip to the happy medium or super grippy section. Skate shoes are okay, I rode in skate shoes for several years, but bike specific shoes will provide a much greater experience

Skate Shoes 

The Good: Good tread Pattern / affordable
The Bad:  Sole is not stiff / rubber not super grippy


Happy Medium

The Good: Bike specific / stiff sole /adequate grip / durable
The Bad:  Hard to find / not super grippy / not the cheapest

$59.99 $129.00

Super Super Grippy

The Good: Bike specific / stiff sole / super super grippy
The Bad:  Hard to find / sometimes too grippy / some models are heavy